awkwardly arriving to the blog party like...

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

“Welcome to my blog” are a few words I never thought I’d actually type! Years of thinking, “I should start a blog...but what do I write about?” I’m finally here, and I feel like I might have things to say/show. I have always loved writing, and I actually did start a very small blog in 2017 when I took a solo trip to Bali for five weeks. The blog survived for 2 of those weeks and then I just got too busy snorkeling, hiking, drinking, laying by the beach, reading, and scootering around. It was a very stressful and extremely busy time and the blog just fell by the wayside…

See? Busy af...

For those of you that don't know - I'm Hannah! A small town Idaho girl, currently residing in Spokane, WA, and running a small, baby business called Old Soul Designs. My business is slowly growing as I hone in on what I really want it to BE. I specialize in handwriting and modern calligraphy and I try to incorporate this in most of my work. I also do graphic design (still learning lots) so, everything from wedding invites to logo design. I'm really starting to get into stationery and so far, loving where that is leading me. I mostly want this blog to be a catch-all for my business and my thoughts/challenges that come with it as well as some lifestyle bits - my DIY projects, my recipes, some tips and tricks, and some thrifting/fashion, etc.

I used to be scared about what people would think or that they would judge my writing soul. But, honestly, starting a business has made me infinitely more brave than I ever used to be. I’m forced, every day, to put myself out there in ways I never imagined. I feel like people say this a lot, and I’ve always been like “yeah, whatever, you’re probably just a brave person by nature and it’s not that hard for you.” I am extremely introverted by nature - by this I mean, I’d rather sit at my cozy home every single day than socialize with most people most of the time. Now, when I do socialize or put myself out there, I love it and there’s a definite energy I gain from it. This is also true for my business. When I stick my neck out and say to someone, “I can do your new logo,” or “I’d love to design your invites,” or I share something on Instagram, it benefits me somehow, someway, every single time. Whether it’s a confidence boost or I am just reassured that I am doing something worthwhile; that’s enough for me sometimes.

I also get frustrated from time to time (this is the old soul in me) that I have to resort to social media to feel good about my business, but honestly, I feel lucky that I’m able to “market” for my business on a creative and (mostly) free platform. I imagine the world in 2019 is so much more open to small businesses, like myself, not only starting, but becoming successful. And this may sound vain or shallow, but having a bit of reassurance that my designs are “good” is extremely important for someone who feels unsure of herself and her business for a small portion of every single day. Fellow small business owners, ya hear me?!

I’ll hop off my soap box for a moment - I just know I want to spend a little of my time here talking about starting a small business and how lonely/shitty/rewarding/awesome it can be. Because I’m starting to realize I’m NOT the only one that feels this way - yay! Misery needs some damn company, am I right or am I right?

Ok, so I mentioned there would be freebies here, because sometimes I work on things that I like but that I know I’ll never do anything with. And if someone else likes them, that’s cool. Basically, I know Valentine’s Day is coming up, and legitimately, for a great deal of my adult life I’ve spent this day single af, but guess what? I have a boyfriend now so this holiday won’t be quite as shitty as it is for a lot of you - suck it, singles. Just kidding, I empathize with you, and you should either ignore this stupid day and watch Fixer Upper re-runs and eat a rotisserie chicken (legitimately what I did last year,) OR spend it with someone you really like, whether this is your mom, dad, best friend, a stripper, etc. But, I guess I’m feeling a little more festive this year because of said boyfriend, so I made a few Valentine’s cards. Some of these are suitable for kids, some of them are not. You’ll most likely be able to decipher between the two. (Here's one example, obviously not the kid friendly one unless you're a really bad parent...)

Give these to gal friends, guy friends, kid friends, mom friends, sibling friends, or friends friends. Here's the catch - muah ah ah...subscribe to my blog and you'll get 'em! As soon as I receive my list of subscribers, I'll send out your Valentine sweeties. These are PDF documents that you’ll be able to print off and use as you like - print as many or as few, doesn’t matter to me! I recommend a heavier weight card stock if you want them to hold up. Or if you think they’re ugly or dumb, don’t do it, you suck anyway. Just kidding. Thanks so much for reading this awkward first blog entry, I promise I’ll get better as I go. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think, but only if it’s positive because my sensitive small business owner self can’t handle the meanness. Until next time!

♡ hannah (old soul) cady